10 2017 Home Decor Ideas

Double border

7 Double the depth of the required border all around. Press the border to the wrong side and mitre the corners.

2 Trim the mitre seam allowances and press the seam open. Turn the corners right side out.

3 Determine the final depth of the border. Join the front of the cover to the back and stitch along the border lines.

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Make and gather the ruffle. Pin and tack it to the cushion cover front before stitching on the back.

M Two contrasting finishing techniques combine to make a pleasing effect. The cord piping of the chair is very linear, enhanced still further by the use of striped fabric. Meanwhile, the floral-print cushion cover is finished off with a frivolous, deep-frilled edging.

Making a double border cover

A cushion cover with a double border is made in the same way as a single border, but double the depth of the required finished border must be added on to the lengths, plus the seam allowances. Make up the back section as for a cover with a zip across the back ( 312-313). Fold the borders to the wrong side and press. With right sides together, mitre each corner ( 340 341). Trim the mitred corners, turn right side out and press. Lay the two sides together, wrong sides facing, and tack along the border line, catching the raw edge of the border inside the cover. Machine stitch closed.

10 2017 Home Decor Ideas

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