10 Bedroom Wall Designs Ideas

Woven webbing

For a natural, textured look try using upholsterer’s webbing tape about 5cm (2in) wide, woven across the frame of a stool or perhaps on a simple dining chair where the seat has gone, leaving an empty frame. A very stylish effect can be achieved by this relatively simple method. You will need enough webbing to be divided equally into short strips that will be fixed side by side across the frame to create the ‘warp’ and the same quantity to use as the ‘weft’, the layer that weaves in and out of the fixed layer. The length of each strip (warp or weft) will be the distance across the top of the frame from edge to edge, plus an amount that can wrap around to the underside of the frame for securing (with tacks or a staple gun) out of sight. If you want the fixing to be a feature, and therefore to be seen, you could use various types ot upholsterer’s decorative studs.

Cut and fasten the first layer of webbing, making sure each piece is pulled very taut before fixing. The seat will be bound to sag a little as body weight is put on it, so bear this in mind and perhaps allow some exces* that can be unrolled for retightening. Weave the second layer of strips between the first, again fixing each end in the same way.

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Webbing tape, commonly made of jute, can be dyed so that a colourful, contrastin^-chequerboard effect can be achieved with relative ease. Alternatively, it is possible to buy coloured webbing of the sort that edges carpets or rugs.

Webbing can make Xan extremely comfortabe chair. It is very versatile and can be easily replaced with a different coloured webbing to match any decor. Neutfe webbing can be dyed in vibrant, colourful shades and two or more colours can be interwoven to achieve interesting designs.

Squarish arms on a sofa, for example, c be made more attractive by adding an u expected kick pleat here and there, and double pleating the fabric a really textu look can be achieved. Try using a contri ing fabric inside a pleat for further emphi

Detail is the all-important thing. Tak leaf from fashion haute couture and add exq^ ite touches that will transform a plain cov such as punched eyelets along the base c skirt, or rows of hand-sewn buttons in glo ous glassy colours. Fringing and tassels a texture and give a more luxurious feel. To i front of a pleat add a tab of fabric or tape ; a bright bold button to fasten. Along the b attach a band of petersham ribbon to a pi fabric for definition and added colour, hand stitch in thick tapestry wool bold cr crosses or dots. A row of small pearly butt, down the back of a white linen cover qu a tailored affair over an upright dining ct would look very impressive.

Most loose covers have a skirt of some s which runs around the base and is a se rately made piece that extends to the flo Use double, overlapping layers in the sa; cloth or one that has a distinctly differ texture. Fold wide box pleats around i front edge of a long sofa, and for the r shorter sides, run tiny little pleats or use tv coloured fabrics for a striped effect.

The beauty of making loose, as oppoto fixed, covers is that it allows you to p around with the shape a litde more. Take skirt from the seat height or make a plea

10 Bedroom Wall Designs Ideas

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