10 Best Exercises For Weight Loss For Men

Why Low Reps Are Important

Our neuromuscular system, as described previously is the functional integrated whole of our body’s nerves and muscles. Training with low reps helps improve this relationship by increasing the way our muscles communicate with our nervous system. This helps stimulate our muscles in more depth during exercise. Using our neuromuscular system with such efficacy builds an ideal foundation for muscle growth.

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To use a more scientific terminology: Low rep ranges improve muscle recruitment, which is defined as the number of motor units (motor neurons integrated to muscle fibers) activated in the muscle and generating force during contraction. Due to this and the increase of contractile proteins created in muscle cells, low rep ranges play a big role in muscle hypertrophy. Especially when it comes to beginners.

To make a long and sciency sentence short: You need to become stronger if you want to be bigger…

Why Bodybuilding Reps Are Also Important

A traditional bodybuilding rep range is also essential for getting big. After all, it is how the majority of people did it in the past. High rep ranges (8-15 reps) cause our muscles to store additional glycogen. Glycogen is, in simple words, liquid muscle sugar. It is the main fuel used by the muscles in high rep ranges and it contributes to the increase in our muscle’s size. However because high rep range training lacks a strength foundation, it might explain why some athletes such as lightweight power-lifters can lift heavier weights than bodybuilders.

If you want to get big, you need to take advantage of a broad rep range.

10 Best Exercises For Weight Loss For Men

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