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For more than a hundred years, the beauty business has embraced science and sold it to women in a way that no other industry has. Unlike many other household products aimed at women that are marketed for their effectiveness or benefit, beauty products have historically engaged their audience in complicated chemistry. Modern cosmetics talk about their components as if they expect all women to have a PhD in organic chemistry!

In the past, makeup trends would have pushed the development of new technology just look at the history of mascara. But nowadays trends are very much technology led, and a huge amount of money is spent investing in new avenues. Obviously this is driven by a desire to make better products, but cosmetics companies also use technology as a hook for marketing departments to hang a trend on. The only way you can tell a story about a product now is by talking about what it can do that’s different. So you might introduce a new range of lipsticks that last for sixteen hours. But you couldn’t launch a lipstick just because it comes in a new shade of pink, because there are no new shades of pink. Makeup trends, from smoky eyes to classic red lips, tend to come around again and again, so the products used to create them need to be able to deliver something different from what came before and do it better; that’s the crucial difference.

For me, the things that have totally changed the cosmetics industry beyond belief in the twentieth century are advancements in pearl technology, the introduction of cosmetic-grade silicone, and the development of truly long-lasting, comfortable formulas. In my experience as a working makeup artist, these three things have sped up the process of application and cut blending and touch-up time in half! I’m as interested in looking forward to new innovations as I have been in looking back. I’m fortunate to have worked as a creative director for major makeup brands, which has given me the chance to work with some of the best cosmetics laboratories around the world. The creativity in these labs is just mind-blowing the imagination and originality that goes into the science behind makeup is equal to the creativity of what you can do with the end product.

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10 Best Makeup Looks 2017

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