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If anyone was synonymous with the coltish, wide-eyed look that swept the fashion world, it was Twiggy. Born Lesley Hornby in Neasden, northwest London, in 1949, she dreamed of being a model, even though she was teased for being too thin. She once said, Jean Shrimpton was my female idol; I had her all over my walls.33

Photographer Barry Lategan took the famous head shots that kick-started her career after she’d had her hair colored and cropped short by chic celebrity hairdresser Leonard.

Aferward, a fashion journalist for the Daily Express spotted the shots and named her the Face of 1966. Barry Lategan has said of the shoot: Twiggy arrived with her cropped hair and lower eyelashes painted onto her face, she sat in front of my camera and she was dazzling.

There weren’t any fashion makeup artists at this time, so models would do their own faces for shoots. Twiggy must have been a pretty accomplished makeup artist, as you can see from those first shots. The eyeliner was perfectly drawn, and she had really developed her own style. Her makeup was essentially a mod look with a heavy, dark eye and skin-tone mouth (using concealer or panstick to blank out the lips was usual, as the lipsticks on the market at the time weren’t developed enough to fully give that look). The intricate eye makeup was the focal point, the lid itself filled in with white or pale-colored eye shadow with a black line along the upper lashes and another graphic line tracing the area just above the socket line in a very round shape. Like many others in the mid- to late sixties, she was inspired by the look of thirties screen sirens, which required lots of false lashes it wasn’t unusual for models and fashionable girls to wear up to three (or even four!) sets at a time to get the look they wanted. Where Twiggy differed in her makeup was the drawn-on lower lashes. Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki once told me that Twiggy was the only one doing that back then. The lower waterline was left natural or filled in with a white pencil to further enhance the big, wide-open, and childlike look. Not a quick look to throw on in the morning, the entire makeup creation allegedly took around an hour and a half to complete.34

Twiggy’s impact on the makeup of the period was huge, and she promoted a range of false eyelashes by Yardley in the United States, who were making the most of the Swinging London reputation. Twiggy Lashes by Yardley were released in 1967 (What do you think made Twiggy what she is today? Her eyes, right? read the copy),35 along with mod-style eye shadow in black and white.

A couple of weeks afer her first photo shoot, a double-page spread ran in the Daily Express, and Twiggy left school at the age of sixteen. A heady period of modeling internationally followed, until she was cast in her first film, The Boy Friend (directed by Ken Russell), in 1970, after which she retired from full-time modeling and pursued a career as an actress, TV presenter, and singer.

Photograph by Richard Avedon.

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10 Best Makeup Looks For Over 40

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