10 Best Makeup Trends For Medium Skin Tones


Makeup itself is a relatively modern term, first used in the theatrical world and coming from the phrase making up. Max Factor is often credited with having popularized the term when he released his first full cosmetics range in 1920, after which it fell into common usage.


For many women, mascara is the staple, the item of makeup they couldn’t do without. Though essentially similar in substance to kohl, which has been in use for thousands of years, mascara in its current form is a relatively modern invention.

Lampblack (made by holding a saucer over a flame), coal dust, burnt cork, ash, and elderberry juice are just a few of the homemade concoctions used to darken lashes throughout history, but the development of commercially produced mascara as we know it today can be traced back to one of the world’s most iconic British makeup brands, Rimmel, started by the Frenchman Hyacinthe Mars Rimmel. A highly celebrated perfumer, trained under Pierre Francois Lubin, the personal nose to Empress Josephine, Rimmel left Paris in 1834 to set up shop in London’s exclusive Albemarle Street, with his wife and teenage son, Eugene, in tow. His boutique soon became the destination for London

ladies looking for luxury and innovation in skincare preparations and fragrances.

Maybelline was named after the founder’s sister Mabel after he saw her applying burnt cork and petroleum jelly to her lashes.

In 1842, Eugene took over the family business to great success, chalking up a hefty list of beauty breakthroughs before he had reached the age of thirty, from the introduction of mail order catalogs and scented fans for ladies to use at the opera to a magnificent fragrance fountain created for the Great Exhibition in 1851.

This classic Man Ray photograph clarly demonstrates how mascaraed eyes would have looked in the 1930s.

Next two images: The sixties was a time when mascara overload really came into its own, with new applicators and formulas available, the fashion for building up layer upon layer and supplementing with falsies meant that lashes dominated the face.

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10 Best Makeup Trends For Medium Skin Tones

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