10 Best Makeup Trends For Summer 2017


The popularity of inexpensive lipsticks such as Tangee and Woodbury made lipsticks much more accessible.

The next big innovation was indelible lipstick, which was developed by Hazel Bishop, an American chemist, in the late 1940s. Bishop’s Lasting Lipsticks were hugely successful, but were eclipsed by Revlon. In 1940 Revlon had expanded from nails to lipstick, with the company’s ever-prescient founder, Charles Revson, seeing the potential for matching nails and lips and capitalizing on this, introducing the company’s lipstick with a huge color advertising campaign. In 1951 the company launched its Indelible-Creme lipstick and that, unfortunately, was pretty much the end for Hazel Bishop.

The golden age of lipstick was undoubtedly the 1950s, when a beautifully packaged lipstick along with an ornate powder compact were essentials in every woman’s makeup bag to be pulled out for public touch-ups at any given moment. New innovations continued to be made notably Cutex’s introduction of flavored lipsticks in 1964, aimed, no doubt, at the growing teenage market but for the next couple of decades, attention would shift to the eyes. Lip gloss sales eclipsed lipstick in the nineties, and for a while, lipstick appeared rather outdated to the younger generation. But in recent years this trend has been bucked; the focus is back on the timeless luxury and ritual that is bound up in lipstick, with many of the premium brands launching signature ranges encased in packaging reminiscent of a bygone era in terms of innovation and sumptuous design.

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10 Best Makeup Trends For Summer 2017

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