The 10 Best Makeup Trends


Gabrielle Chanel maintained that lipstick was a woman’s prime weapon of seduction, and in its 1933 Beauty secret, US Vogue declared that applying lipstick was one of the most important gestures of the century.

Even after bullet cartridges became the standard for lipstick, beauty companies constantly reworked the design, launching new mechanisms and increasingly creative packaging to help their products stand out.

HELENA RUBINSTEIN, early 1930s: The buzzword in beauty was Dainty and this was reflected in lipsticks at this time, which were tiny.

MARY QUANT, 1966: The simple silver and black plastic packaging was a far cry from the heavy gilt of the previous decade.

PALOMA PICASSO Mon-Rouge, 1980s: The must-have lipstick of the decade of excess Picasso’s daughter Paloma launched her

beautifully packaged lipstick in just one shade: red.

SAVAGE, 1936: Indelible (lip staining) lipsticks were all the rage in the twenties and thirties.

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The 10 Best Makeup Trends

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