10 Best Nail Designs of 2019 – Latest Nail Art Trends & Ideas to Try

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Ridge Filler Pretty in Pink Tips On Tips
During the winter months, my cuticles become extremely dry, even after applying hand lotion. Is there anything I can do about this?
Daily cuticle moisturizing is essential to keeping them healthy. At Tracy Reece’s New York Fashion Week show, we asked lead nail artist Geraldine Holford for her top nail-care tip. “Use oil for your cuticles. Not cream but an oil, such as olive oil. That will keep your cuticles in check,” she advised. For the ultimate at-home manicure experience, soak nails in warm olive oil for five minutes to help relieve dry, cracked cuticles.
I’m very conservative in my choice of nail colors. I often opt for the traditional French manicure, but I’d like to break out and try some brighter shades. What colors do you suggest? Stepping out of your comfort zone can be tons of fun when choosing vibrant nail colors, and the Essie Nail Polish collection offers a wide variety of gorgeous shades to choose from.
A great place to start is with the ultimate girly hue. Get pretty in pink with Essie Forget Me Nots.
Essie Nail Polish in Forget Me Nots Cuts Salon rocked this lovely set of nail art, and she shared her helpful tips for how to achieve it!
1. Begin by filing down the natural nails.
2. Apply faux tips with strong adhesive and then file down to desired length.
3. Brush on acrylic; shape, buff and file.
4. Using paints, create elaborate, avant-garde nail art.
5. Apply rhinestone embellishments and clear topcoat to finish.

10 Best Nail Designs of 2019   Latest Nail Art Trends & Ideas to Try

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