10 Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Making a box cushion cover

To make your box cushion cover, begin by cutting two pieces of material the same size as the top and bottom of the pad, adding 1.5cm (Min) all around for a seam allowance.

The welt is made up of five pieces. Cut one piece to fit the front of the welt, allowing for a seam allowance all around. Then cut two pieces long enough to fit across the back of the welt, plus 5cm (2in) extra at each end so that the back welt will extend around the two back corners, again adding a seam allowance all around each piece. Lastly, cut one welt piece for each side of the cushion to fit between the front and back welts.

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Insert the zip between the two back welt pieces ( 312-313). With right sides facing, now pin and stitch the gusset pieces together, leaving 1.5cm (Min) open at each end of the two front seams. Press the seams open. If you are using piping, stitch it to the top and bottom pieces ( 314-315). Next, pin and tack the welt to the bottom piece, with right sides together and front corners matching. Clip the seam allowance

A simple wooden structure creates a clever seating area and transforms an otherwise featureless window space. Thick, heavy cushions, with their edges rolled rather than piped, align to form a padded, bench-like seat against the three walls. Rather like mattresses, the cushions are buttoned to prevent the covers moving.

Piped edgings provide shape and definition to soft furnishings, and here they are used to great effect in highlighting the deliberately overstuffed box cushion seat of this ample Victorian wing chair. Using the same russet and gold damask for the piping as the cover adds a simple touch of refinement.

Cushions on the welt at each of the two back corners. Remove the pins and stitch into place. Open the zip and attach the welt to the top piece in the same way. Trim the seam allowances and corners and press. Turn right side out through the zip and press.

10 Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

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