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Making a basic bolster cover

1 Cut the bolster cover piece long enough to exceed the ends and stitch the two long sides together to form a tube.

2 Turn right side out, then turn in the seam allowances at each end. Make a row of gathering stitches along the fold.

3 Gather the ends of the cover. Stitch a large button or a pompon over each gathered centre.

Of the bolster can be defined by adding strips of contrasting fabric to the main fabric at each end which, when the ends of the cover are drawn together, appear as attractive concentric circles. Ribbons can create a similar effect but need to be applied to the fabric – that is, sewn onto the surface like applique.

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Making a basic bolster cover

To determine the length of the cover piece, add the length of the bolster to the diameter of the end, plus a 2cm (Min) seam allowance at each end. For the width, add 3cm (IMin) for the two seam allowances to the circumference of the bolster. Cut a piece of fabric to this size. Fold it in half lengthways, with right sides together and raw edges aligned, and pin. Machine stitch 1.5cm (Min) from the raw edge. (If a zip is required, leave a gap in this seam and insert the zip at this stage.) Press the seam open. Turn the cover right side out. Turn 2cm (Min) to the wrong side at each end and press. Using a strong thread doubled, hand stitch a line of running stitches close to the folded edge at each end. Then insert the bolster into the centre of the fabric tube. Gather the ends of the cover, tying the thread ends together and securing them inside the centre of the gathers.

A Some dever examples of the ways in which bolster covers can be finished off. While a simple, flat end is very nctiona a random gathering of surplus fabric at each e-.z nder can be tied into bunches with a ca-c of ribbon. This is one of the simplest and most effective of finishing techniques, requiring no sewing.

10 Country Christmas Decorating Ideas Home

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