Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today we are doing a really awesome post how to wear t-shirt ten different ways it is kind of like my rendition of the post where, I did how to part your hair two different ways it is very simple and straight to the point let’s start with the first one for your reference I’m wearing a size medium in our Millah boo v-neck t-shirts yes we just came out with those.


If you guys want to check them out the link will be down below to purchase them we are carrying size small to 2 XL the first one is obviously the most simplest do nothing put on your t-shirt and let it do its thing let it hang the way it is let it just sit the way it is this is obviously the most easiest and the most casual looking no matter those is going to be the no tuk-tuk it is basically the super casual tuck where you either tuck in your shirt on your left or your right side of your body, I love doing this like one with boyfriend jeans, I think it adds a little bit of a flirty side to a very casual look kind of shows up the finger on one side number three is probably one of my favorites to wear just. Because it is the note tuck tuck. But in the middle. So you are kind of showing off your figure in the front your waist. But your back is still kind of hidden and your butt is not exposed completely. So casual we are still very girly and feminine the next one is going to be tucking your shirt only in the back. But very loosely and casually this one’s amazing for those days when you want to show off that booty.

But still kind of keep it casual in the front. But also it kind of accentuates your wages. Because you are tucking this shirt in the back very simple. But I love doing this one when, I have good butt days the next one is going to be very polished elegant and chic this is where we tuck in the entire shirt all the way around it is great. If you belt it is great with skirts jeans it just really polishes up a look for the next several, I switched over to a size large in a female size just going to show you guys how to play with a bigger shirt and make it a little bit more feminine and girly and sexy of course the first one is going to be a regular knot on either left or right side just a singular knot the next night kind of reminds me of like the retro bandana not where it kind of has it with two wings at the end kind of like two ears it looks really cute and, I like doing this right in the front the snacks not is going to be an inside notch this one you can create with a clear elastic or a regular hairband or hair elastics I’m gonna go on one side of my shirt I’m gonna go on my left go inside on the inside of my shirt gather into a bunch take clear lastic tie it off and then tuck it back outside kind of reposition this shirt and it looks really cute and, I think very chic as well next one is really fun and flirty, I like doing this with oversized shirts off the shoulder it is sexy shows off a little bit of your shoulder it is playful, I love this one and last. But not least, I think this one is really edgy it makes me look really tough and sporty rolling up the sleeves it shows up those non-existent muscles of mine and that’s it this is my variation of how to wear a plain t-shirt ten different ways to kind of spice up my life just a little bit let me know which ones you guys always go for. But for now thank you for reading do not forget to check out the v-neck version and middle of a t-shirt on the website you will be done below and I will see you guys next time bye you.

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