10 Easy Exercises For Weight Loss

As you warm up you can slowly try to decrease the width of your grip on the band. The more you increase your flexibility in this exercise, the more you will be able to hold a narrower grip. Just make sure you always start wide enough and gradually decrease the width.

A. Alternating sitting toe touches (Windmill). This exercise will warm-up your back and open up your hamstrings without overstretching them. From a seated position, place your feet apart – about twice the distance of your shoulder width. Bend at the hips, and keep your spine straight and elongated (very important). Don’t round your back! If you feel too much tension in your hamstrings bend your knees a little. From this position, perform the following:

a. Extend both arms out to your side, at shoulder height and

b. Rotate your trunk by bending a bit forward reaching with your arm towards the opposite toe.

c. If you are not flexible, bend your knees enough in order to touch your toes (aim for tension not pain!)

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d. Alternate sides.

Note: If you do this exercise with bad form you can place unnecessary stress on your lower back so pay attention to proper form.

8. Chair Squats. This is more of a warm-up set but it is important in order to properly warm-up your legs. Find a chair that is not too tall; anything below knee height will do. Place a chair just behind you and stand in front of it. Place your feet shoulder-width apart or even a bit wider (whatever feels more comfortable) with your toes pointing a couple degrees outwards. Bend the knees and slowly squat towards the chair while keeping the weight on your heels (important). Avoid letting your knees surpass your toes. Sit on the chair for half a second and push up again through your heels, feeling at the same time your glutes push your body up. Fully extend the legs until you are back to a standing position. Repeat this for 3 sets of 5-20 repetitions.

Final Notes: Pay attention to the guidelines above for proper form and technique The general sensation we ought to have after completing an efficient warm-up should consist of the following basic points:

• Feeling our muscles stimulated enough and energized but not drained.

• Enough freedom of movement in our joints and muscles to perform all the exercises our basic program consists of.

• A rise in temperature enough to cause at least a mild perspiration.

It is far better to spend 15 minutes warming up every time, instead of training for months and watch all your results go down the drain, just because you skipped warm-up once and got injured.

10 Easy Exercises For Weight Loss

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