10 Effective Exercise For Weight Loss

Tips on Comparison Photography

If you want to take a proper before and after photo, here are some helpful tips:

10 Effective Exercise For Weight Loss Photo Gallery

1. For better contrast, choose a neutral background such as a white wall

2. Stand a few feet in front of the wall to minimize the sharpness of the shadow which may distract body outline. Note down your distance from the wall and the camera for next time.

3. It’s better to have natural light as a light source. Ideally, the light source shouldn’t be 90 degrees direct but in a slight angle (something like 70-80 degrees).

After all this, I’m very excited that you have read this book so far because this is the part where things get interesting. Time to build HomeMade Muscle and become Strong & Lean without going to the Gym!

Warming Up

Here is a quote that you should engrain in your mind: If you do not have enough time to warm-up, you do not have enough time to train. I always take my warmup serious, since a proper warm-up has been proven to increase performance and reduce injuries probability. I hate watching results I have been building for months go down the drain just because I was too lazy to warm-up for ten minutes. In this eBook I include two warm-up methods, dynamic stretching and warm-up sets. For the beginners and the basic phase, dynamic stretching is enough. If you continue to the advanced phase, special warm-up sets are added after dynamic stretching.

10 Effective Exercise For Weight Loss

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