10 Exercise Bike Or Cross Trainer For Weight Loss

Primal Movement Patterns

Primal Movement Patterns are movements which were important for survival before man stopped living in the wild. Think about it, if you lived in the wild, would bicep curls serve great purpose in any important movements? Not really.

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On the other hand, you would definitely have to climb up high surfaces which would require pulling yourself up in all kinds of different angles, according to the terrain around you.

Once you pull yourself up to chest height while climbing a surface, the next thing you have to do is to push yourself up in order to rest your chest on it. This resembles the movement used dips and push-ups.

Living in the wild would also require you to hold heavy things above your head; for example in order to build a roof for a shelter. A movement like that would require the same muscles used in handstand push-ups.

People used to spend hours in front of a fire or while building tools in a deep squat. Nowadays, everybody is afraid that squats are bad for our knees. Squats are not what is causing your knees to hurt, but rather the lack of doing them. The lack of using a deep squat has de-trained the proper neuromuscular pathways required to attain this position properly. Move slowly through the progressions I provide in this book and focus on good form.

Last, but most important of all, to perform every single one of these moves efficiently, you would need a strong core. No, our ancestors did not train their abs and low back muscles, because all of these muscles never atrophied and lost their integrated neuromuscular coordination in the first place. These muscles always worked in perfect sync with the rest of their body during all the movements mentioned above.

Unfortunately, our lifestyle has deeply weakened and de-trained these muscles, making us forget how to turn them on in harmony with the rest of our body when needed. Using leg raises, prone cobras and all of the exercises intergraded in this book will help you re-establish the relationship between your core and the rest of the body.

10 Exercise Bike Or Cross Trainer For Weight Loss

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