10 Exercise Bike Workout For Weight Loss

The Arnold Fallacy

When Arnold Schwarzenegger released his training program in the seventies, everybody who wanted to develop the famous Arnold-physique bought his book. Most of them skipped the intermediate phase and used the advanced program that Arnold was using to train himself after he first invested years on mastering the basics. That didn’t work well for them. Of course, I’m not comparing myself to the great Arnold, but this is a common theme in strength training.

When I was in the junior rowing team of my hometown, around the age of 15, me and a buddy of mine always tried to secretly do what the big team was doing in order to get better faster (obviously we thought we were smarter than our coach). Results? We ended up burned out.

If you are new to strength and bodyweight training, skipping the beginner’s level will just result in hindering the rate of your progress. There is no need to hurry; in fact, the beginners phase is an amazing period. It’s the period of the glorious newbie gains when building muscle and adding reps will be easier than ever. Enjoy and appreciate this time because it does not last long. Don’t try to outsmart your body by rushing into a training phase if you have not first done the appropriate work.

Learn to respect the basics…

The 8 Essential Bodyweight Exercises

Sculpting a lean, muscular and symmetrical physique is something I consider a form of art. What I like the most about it is that if you know how to handle the right tools it can be a form of art mastered by anyone. Of course it might seem complicated in the beginning. If you enter a huge gym for the first time you will probably become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of exercise equipment. Being completely new to strength exercise can make this experience intimidating. Something very important to learn from the beginning is that exercise quality is a lot more important than quantity.

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During my journey of getting stronger, I tried almost all of the bodyweight exercises I could find out there. And trust me when I say this – there are countless of them. After doing research on a lot of bodyweight exercise books, I realized that most of them offer an endless list of exercises. Trying to mastering all of them would take a lifetime. After all, not everyone wants and can afford to train all day like a professional athlete just to look and feel good.

After a great deal of experimenting, I concluded that in order to get as strong as possible and attain an aesthetic physique I only need to use and focus on mastering 8 of them. The 8 bodyweight exercises that focus on the basic human movement patterns in the best possible way are the following:

1. Pull-ups

2. Push-ups

3. Pistol Squats

4. Dips

5. Inverted Rows

6. Handstand Push-ups

7. Leg Raises

8. Prone Cobra Less is more…

Keep in mind that all of these movements have progressions and advanced variations which gradually bring into play new stimulus for the body. These exercises resemble some of our most basic primal movement patterns which highly stimulate our neuromuscular system and strengthen our body’s prime mover muscles in balance with your core, joints, ligaments and tendons. Trust me; if you conquer every variation of the exercises in this book you will have greater relative body strength than 99% of all people around you.

10 Exercise Bike Workout For Weight Loss

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