10 Exercise Chart For Weight Loss

Wrist Pain From Pushing Exercises

A common problem people face from bodyweight exercises is wrist pain. Too much hyperextension of the wrist in exercises like push-ups and handstands can take a toll on them.

Tips for people with sensitive wrists

If you have sensitive wrists, I highly recommend doing your push-ups on your knuckles. When doing knuckle push-ups, your wrists are in a neutral position and you spear them a great deal of stress (plus they look cooler). If knuckle push-ups are too difficult for you, you can always buy push up grips (or just man up and learn to do the knuckle version). Because handstand push-ups are also quite stressful for your wrists, you should also prepare your wrists before any handstand work. Check out this special warm up I include for my wrists before working on handstands.

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Another conditioning exercise gymnast’s use for their wrists are wrist push-ups. Ever since I started doing these, I never had wrist issues again. Check out this tutorial on how to get started with wrist push-ups.

When an injury happens, stop worrying and remember that they just are part of the game. Even when people warm up perfectly, use perfect form and eat super healthy, they still very often end up getting hurt. The important thing is to find ways to minimize injury potential by figuring out what went wrong and how it could be prevented. A lot of people get discouraged when injuries present themselves and react very emotionally (especially if this happens in the beginning). For example, you might have just started your program and you are feeling thrilled with all the progress you have achieved after a lot of hard work. Then, suddenly when you least expect it, you get injured. You overreact and think that all the effort was for nothing. You think to yourself I might as well quit now to avoid wasting any more time or getting disappointed again in the future. The best advice I can offer is to take it easy and see these situations as a useful break for your joints and muscles to rest. You can even do some isometric exercises on the rest of the body that is not affected, if you are in the mood. Find a book on isometrics and study about it, even if it’s just for fun and to keep your mind occupied.

HomeMade Muscle program structure

The HomeMade Muscle training program consists of three training levels:

1) Beginnerslevel

2) Basic level

3) Advanced level

Even if you have trained using bodyweight exercises previously, if you have not trained for more than two weeks I highly recommend you start from the beginner’s level. This way you will avoid things like extreme soreness and injuries. Once you hit a plateau using the beginners phase, move onto the basic phase. Many beginners have the tendency to skip steps in order to get stronger faster. This is something I also tried to do when I was a teenage rower. If only I could go 10 years back with the knowledge I now have, I could have accomplished so much more. This brings me to the classic mistake most stubborn young dudes experience when they first get started with strength training, The Arnold fallacy.

10 Exercise Chart For Weight Loss

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