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Elbow, Shoulder and Wrist Pain From Straight Bar Chin-ups

A common problem strength athletes face is elbow pain. A typical reason this happens to bodyweight athletes are straight bar chin-ups. While doing chin-ups on a straight pull-up bar, your arms move in a constant fixed position, which can place unnatural stress on your joints.

Those of you who are experiencing elbow pain from chin-ups will notice that your arms and shoulders feel restriction in the lowering phase of this exercise. Especially if you lock out (straighten) your elbows. This is caused by the lack of mobility your arms have to externally rotate (that’s the movement your arm does when you open a doorknob with your right hand).

To verify this do the following experiment (see image below):

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1). Straighten your arm in front of you with your palm facing the floor; and 2). Slowly turn your palm towards the ceiling (rotating it externally) until it is facing it in a flat position. If you experience difficulty with keeping your palm flat while facing the ceiling, or if you cannot even flatten your palm, the chances are good that this exercise will cause you joint pain at some point if it hasn’t already.

From position number 2 lift your arm vertically as if you were going to grab a bar to do chin-ups. You will observe that it becomes even more difficult to keep your palm upwards. While doing chin-ups, twisting forces are occurring inside your joints to compensate for this lack of mobility. Continuous repetition of these abusive movements will eventually cause overuse injuries.

A lack of mobility in the shoulder in combination with a lot of chin-ups over time will eventually cause some, or a combination of, the following issues:

• wrist pain

• elbow pain

• shoulder pain Solutions & Tips

That being said, I hope I have not scared you away from chin-ups, that was that not my intention. Chin-ups are one of the best upper body exercises and they should be included in your strength exercise arsenal. Minimizing the injury potential of this exercise with the following tips will help you to keep on pounding chin-ups until you are 65 and beyond.

10 Exercise For Quick Weight Loss

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