10 Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss

Basic Program Structure

The most demanding bodyweight exercises for the majority of people are Pull-ups, Handstand push-ups, Dips and Pistol squats. That is why the first three of them are placed in the beginning of one workout, once every week. This way, as mentioned previously in the book, you can hit them hard with your neuromuscular system fresh. As for pistol squats, since they are a lower body exercise, they are placed in the middle of every routine so that you are not too drained and they can give your upper body a bit more time to recover before continuing with the rest of the upper body exercises.

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You will notice that there are some differences in the total amount of sets from day to day within the week. This is done for two reasons. Number one; there is always some extra volume in the first exercise of each workout (for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph). Number two; there is a decrease in sets of some other exercises that come later on in each training session. This is done in order to balance the total workload applied on pull and push movements.

The first workout of the week starts with pull-ups & chin-ups doing 5 sets in total. Combining these exercises together builds immense upper body strength, especially in the arm and back department. Because these two exercises have very similar movement patterns, they will be considered to be part of the same exercise – exercise one.

Workout 2 starts with handstand push-ups. Remember, handstand push-ups take a while to accomplish. Once you are able to perform this highly intense exercise, make sure you thoroughly warm up your shoulders. Adding some handstands on a wall and two sets of pike push-ups to your warm up sets before doing the exercise is a good idea.

Average time to complete Workout: 1 hour

The last workout of the week starts with dips which are one of the best bodyweight exercises for the chest. This is the last day of the week, so warm-up well and don’t be afraid to push yourself. There will be plenty of time to recover during the next two resting days.

10 Exercises For Rapid Weight Loss

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