10 Exercises For Weight Loss And Toning


For those of you willing to move on to the advanced level, I highly recommend a complete week off. Give your joints and tendons a break to recover properly.

As I mentioned previously, the advanced phase is for serious bodyweight athletes. If you decide to go forward on this challenging path, I salute you and I promise I’m going to be next to you the entire way. Anytime you need me, just e-mail me at homemademusclemail@gmail.com and add advanced level in the subject area. That being said, it is time for some serious work so let’s get started…

The advanced training level consists of a twelve-month plan which is divided in main three phases. Phase one lasts three months; phase two and three both last four months. There is also a transitional week in the beginning to ease into the program. I highly recommend this if you took some time off after completing the Basic Program or if you are an experienced bodyweight athlete and skipped the first two programs (Beginner’s & Basic). To perfect this twelve month program, I went through a lot of trial and error. For an entire year, I experimented and trained 10-15 training hours per week to perfect it. In the end I looked, felt and became stronger then I ever was. And So will you! In fact, you will be even better off than I was since you do not have to go through my mistakes now that the program is perfected.

Increasing Training Frequency

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As you remember training frequency is important and you should train using whole-body workouts at least three times per week when it comes to bodyweight exercise for optimum progress. If done properly, you can increase frequency by lowering a bit of your intensity. Training more frequently will benefit you at this point because you will improve your neuromuscular efficiency faster this way. As we discussed in strength basics – factors like coordination, balance and kinesthetic awareness – are part of performing complex exercises such as one arm push-ups and handstand push-ups. Increased training frequency can help you a lot during this phase of your development as a bodyweight athlete.

Unless you are blessed with the genetics of a talented gymnast, frequency is more important than intensity at this point. This does not mean that you will train lightly. It just means that you will not be going to failure on low intensity days. Used in a proper organized training program, high frequency will make you stronger, faster and bigger.

Simply said: More frequency minus a bit intensity = more strength = more gains Preliminaries (IMPORTANT)

Besides training with the basic program for at least six months, I have three basic prerequisites you should meet in order to make sure you are ready for the Advanced Phase, as follows:

1. Pull-ups – 10 clean reps (chest to bar)

2. Pistol squats – 6 clean reps (ass to the grass)

3. Handstand push-ups – 5 clean reps (head slightly touching the floor)

If you cannot perform these exercises with good form just yet, stick to the Basic Program for a while longer.

10 Exercises For Weight Loss And Toning

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