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Hi Dr. Maclin, I really learn a lot from reading your articles in hair blog. I am transitioning from a relaxer that I have had for over 20 years to the natural state. However, there are times that I may want a straight, longer hair look, so I am considering a weave. What is the most important information that I should know before I get a weave?

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Great question as I get lots of women that grow out their relaxed hair back to its natural state but occasionally want a straight, longer hair look or different style. It’s really important to find a good weave stylist, as the application process is very critical and must be properly done to avoid hair loss or scalp issues. Get a few referrals from friends and evaluate their weaves. Next, select quality hair for weaving, and also get a protective hair net to take with you to the appointment. I highly suggest avoiding glue adhesive to apply your weave, due to potential medical issues of allergic contact dermatitis to chemicals in the glue, so go for a sew-in.
Since you have all natural hair, to avoid wear and tear on your own hair, get a full closure sew-in weave. Please make sure to start with clean and well conditioned hair prior to getting your hair braided. As your stylist is cornrowing your hair, please let them know to loosen up if they are braiding too tightly to avoid tension alopecia. This type of alopecia is usually non-scarring, so the hair is able to grow back, but permanent hair loss can result from scarring in those areas from excessive pulling on hair follicles. The protective hair net over fully braided hair is also a great way to reduce direct tension on your hair follicles as the weave is sewed on to the net.
Once you have your weave applied, proper care is important to preserve your hair and 7 reduce future hair issues. Wrap the hair up at bedtime. It is also important to do a weekly cleaning of your weaved hair with a gentle shampoo. Remove the weave and have your cornrows unbraided to get a more thorough cleansing of the scalp and hair at least every four weeks. If you leave your weave in longer, there are risks of pulling on your hair follicles from new hair growth, and excess yeast buildup on the scalp from not being able to cleanse hair properly while braided.
If you are experiencing hair thinning or want your hair to grow longer and stronger while wearing a weave, get started with BellaNutri supplement, which contains special marine proteins and collagen that stimulate your hair roots from within. Check out BellaNutri at bellanutri.com or call toll-free 811-711-HAIR (4247). As the dermatologist-develop-er, I am happy to help guide you while taking BellaNutri.
I am a 33-year-old single mom with a one-year-old baby girl, and I’m very stressed. I have always had thick, naturally curly hair but as the months pass since delivering my baby, my hair is getting thinner. I am not sure if it is due to the stress of being a new single mom or from the pregnancy. I took prenatal vitamins during pregnancy and a few friends said that I should start taking them again to help my thinning hair. What’s your advice?
It is more likely that your hair loss is a result of post-pregnancy rather than the stress of new motherhood. During pregnancy, the majority of your hair roots remain in the actively growing stage instead of transitioning to the normal resting hair stage where the hair is supposed to shed. Therefore, during the nine months of pregnancy, the average of 100 hairs a day that were supposed to come out, did not, so hair looked thicker and fuller. Within a few months of having your baby, the hair that was supposed to come out now starts to shed because the hormone levels get back in balance. The prenatal vitamins that you took during pregnancy provided your body with essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your baby. Therefore, restarting prenatal vitamins will not help your hair get thicker or grow faster.
Get started with BellaNutri hair supplement which contains unique marine proteins and special collagen that supports your hair roots from within. Your hair will start growing faster, longer, stronger, thicker and with less hair shedding and improved health. Check out BellaNutri at bellanutri.com or call toll-free 1-866-711-HAIR (4247). As the dermatol-ogist-developer, I am happy to guide you once you get started. Any hair or skin questions for me, email drmacmd@gmail.com.
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