10 Home Decor Bedroom Ideas

A Two bolsters lined up across the back of this sofa bring a touch of formality, as does the use of the same fabric for all its elements. However, the use of loose tailored covers and the different finishes made to each end of the bolsters – flat against the inside arms but bunched and tied at the other – create a pleasingly relaxed contrast.

Bolster cushions

As their name suggests, bolster cushions offer a means of support for other cushions or pillows. Stuffed with feathers or other fillings, they are long or short rolls that lie along the end or sides of a day-bed or on certain types of sofa. On bench sofas, with one long mattress-type seat cushion, it would not be unusual to see a short bolster at each end.

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Open-ended bolster covers

In a room that requires the bed to double up as a sofa by day, an open-ended bolster cover can store rolled bedding quite neatly. A quick knot in the fabric at each end of the cover keeps everything in place. Alternatively, a length of tied cord or a specially made band with a button and buttonhole would do just as well to close the cover, and would add a note of sophistication.

For this type of versatile cover, a long cylinder of fabric is all that is needed. It should be longer than the rolled duvet that will be inside it. The surplus fabric at each end, once tied or secured, can fall attractively over the edges of the bed. The width of the cover should be the same as the circumference of the rolled stuffing. Long fabric ties, sewn to the ends of the cover, secure them.

Closed-end bolster covers

The simplest way to make a bolster cover with closed ends is to sew a tube of fabric and gather each end neatly together so that it meets in the centre of the end like a drawstring bag. On this type of cover, the shape

10 Home Decor Bedroom Ideas

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