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Box cushions

When a cushion is really a seat and is required to take on a more practical and, consequently, sturdier role, its shape is more like a box than a flat pad. The cover for it, which has a gusset or welt between the upper and lower sections, has six sides, like a box. A box cushion should be fairly solid so that the required shape is kept. It can be filled with feather and down or, for a firmer base, it can be cut from foam with a layer of wadding around it.

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Box cushions are most usually seen on the seat of an upholstered armchair, or two or three may be used snugly side by side on the base of a sofa.

An essential part of a Bergere chair, which does not have other upholstered sections, is the box cushion which sits on the flat base. Wooden chairs, where a loose seat pad of some kind is required for comfort, also rely on a sturdy box cushion.

Depending on the design of the chair or sofa, there may also be a box cushion to lean against, made in the same way but positioned roughly at right angles to the base cushion.

10 Home Decorating Craft Ideas

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