10 Home Entryway Decorating Ideas

Drop-in seats

These blue and white checked dining-room drop-in seats complement the nineteenth-century Swedish-style table and chairs. The seats provide bursts of colour to contrast against the many different wooden textures of this typically Scandinavian setting.

The tricky art of fixed upholstery for sofa chairs and day-beds is often best left to a pn fessional, for when done properly it is won the investment. However, to re-cover tl upholstered seat of a drop-in dining chair relatively straightforward.

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A chair with a drop-in seat is usually dining chair, and the seat lifts right out. consists of a simple wooden frame covered padding (horsehair and wadding) which re* on and is supported by strips of webbii pulled taut across the frame. A calico cove ing is stretched tightly over the padding ai fixed to the underside of the frame by tael The top fabric is applied over the calico ai fixed in the same way. The underside is fii ished off with a piece of hessian with edges turned under for neatness. If tl webbing is still good, and the padding is reasonable condition it may need son building up you should not need to str everything off.

Re-covering a drop-in seat

1 Bring the sides of the new calico to the underside of 2 Smoothing the calico as you proceed, continue to add 3 Pull the calico taut over the corners and tack. Fold a the frame. Secure with a tack at the centre of each side. tacks along each side of the frame. pleat to each side of the tack and secure.

4 Turn the seat over. Lay in place a new piece of wadding 5 Keeping the wadding in place, lay the seat upside the same size as the top of the seat. down on the new outer covering, centring it carefully.

6 Cut out a fresh piece of hessian. Turn under the hem and tack the hessian to the underside of the frame.

For the fabric covering of a drop-in seat, customized fabric is always more challenging than simply using fabric as it comes. Two strongly contrasting colours could be stitched together and the joined fabric could be positioned over the seat so that the seam runs centrally across the chair front to back or side to side. A pair of chairs with a weathered patina ( 280 281) would be a stunning focal point with covered seats in burgundy and indigo silk.

10 Home Entryway Decorating Ideas

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