10 Home And Garden Decorating Ideas

Mixing and experimenting are the keys success when using any material with whi you are unfamiliar. Some of these, and the applications, are by no means new mosa for example. And although paper is a fami iar material, using it as a covering t furniture opens up a new dimension.

We are continually drawing on past styl and themes in attempts to find new ways decorating surfaces. While few of us have tl inclination or ability to re-create the splei did mosaic masterpieces of the ancie; Roman artisans, we may well consider ar be influenced by their use of pattern ar colour in our own more modest creations

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Classic, timeless pieces can be given a tw in new materials. For example, the famih shape of an upholstered club armchair, wr its solid proportions, is retained yet tran formed if sculpted from twisted metal corrugated cardboard.

Wit and a hint of mischief may occasioi ally take over from practicality and w not, when wearied by mass-production ar safe, ‘co-ordinating’ schemes? Plastic infL able cushions for most of us may look be floating on the shimmering surface ot swimming pool, but we are already beir introduced to worktops made from plast waste. So, in pride of place perhaps on tl chaise longue so exquisitely crafted from req cled plastic containers – why not a plast inflatable bolster cushion?

10 Home And Garden Decorating Ideas

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