10 Ikea Kitchen Design Ideas

Single hems For thick, heavy fabric, turn under the required amount of hem and press. Using herringbone stitch, sew along the edge so as to attach it to the back of the main fabric.

Double hem A double hem secures a firm edge and is particularly suitable for sheer fabrics. Simply fold over half the hem allowance and then fold over again along the hem line. Pin, tack and finally slip stitch the hem in place.

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Slip stitched hem This hem uses less fabric than the double hem and is useful for medium-weight fabric. Turn 6mm (Min) to the wrong side along

Mitred corners are used where neat corners are required. They can be made on single or double hems, and those of equal or varying widths. For single hems of equal width, turn up both side and bottom hems and press. Open out the hems, then fold in the corner of the fabric at the point where the two pressed lines cross. Check that the pressed lines on the triangle align

10 Ikea Kitchen Design Ideas

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