10 Interior Design Ideas Bedroom


1 Break up the pieces for your mosaic into small chips. You may need to cut them again to fit into the edges.

2 Once the pattern has been devised, apply glue to the back of the mosaic pieces and position them.

3 Apply grout across the surface of the mosaic. Spread evenly, filling in the gaps between each piece of mosaic.

4 Before it dries, wipe off any excess grout smeared across the surface of the mosaic with a clean cloth.

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Tesserae or ‘smalti’ small coloured glass or enamel blocks. Tesserae can be bought from specialist suppliers, but it is possible to use a whole variety of materials in mosaic work interesting effects can be achieved using broken pieces of household ceramic tiles or crockery, glass, perspex or even mirror.

Most surfaces, if prepared correctly, can take mosaic. You may need to score some surfaces, such as metal, in order for glue or cement to take; and wood, plywood or MDF must be sealed first with a 11 solution of water to PVA. Hardboard for a table top, for example, can be bought to your specifications from some hardware stores. However, you can apply mosaic directly to the surface of furniture. Keeping the work horizontal until the grout has dried is important. If you have ever tiled a floor or wall, the approach is much the same, but simpler.

10 Interior Design Ideas Bedroom

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