10 Kitchen Design Ideas


1 Select various images from newspapers or magazines and, using a scalpel, carefully cut them out.

2 With a paintbrush, coat both sides of the cut-out shapes with a 11 mix of water and PVA.

3 Position the pasted cut-outs on the surface you are covering and then brush the shapes over with the mix.


As a decorative art form, mosaic has been around for thousands of years. Little bits of stone, pebble, glass and even shell have been used to embellish walls, floors and other surfaces, both inside and outside, in all sorts of buildings that range from the grandest of cathedrals to the humblest of dwellings. Throughout history, from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, mosaics have.

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Mosaic is a time-old tradition in most cultures. Here, a lovely pattern has been made from mosaic and set into the top of the round table. The mosaic effect is echoed in the background in the tiles placed around the kitchen area. depicted figurative scenes as detailed as paintings or tapestries. Huge areas were covered in fragments of ceramic, precious or semiprecious stones which had borders of intricate abstract patterns running around the central image. As a purely abstract art form, mosaic ran riot during the Art Nouveau period in Europe, with roofs, courtyards, columns and almost every available surface covered in startlingly bold and detaiL designs by skilled practitioners who embrac its versatility and vibrancy.

In contemporary interiors mosaic is ben re-employed as a means of decorating su faces. On furniture it can be used embellish table tops, mirror frames, be headboards or even chairs. The pieces th traditionally formed mosaic are known

10 Kitchen Design Ideas

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