10 Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Decorative square tablecloths

Arranged so that their points hang over the sides of a rectangular or square table, square tablecloths make effective drapes. They are made in the same way as simple rectangular cloths, but to determine the size you want, you will have to measure the fabric in a slightly different way. Start by deciding how far down each side of the table you wish the top cover cloth to fall. From this point, which will be the corner of the cloth, to the top of the table, doubled, is the length of each side of the cloth.

There are many simple ways to embellish a square cloth. The hem around the cover can be made with two rows of parallel stitching to add more detail. Using contrasting sewing thread will give the cloth more definition. To embellish the corners of the top cloth, if desired, attach small key tassels.

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Press under the seam allowance on the top panel lining. Slip stitch the lining to the wrong side of the tablecloth.

Other decorative details that can liven up plain cloths, such as fringe or braid, should be attached to the edges of the cloth by hand after the cloth is made up. A fringe should always overlap the base edge of the cloth by most of its length, allowing a few centimetres to trail on the ground. A braid applied to the edge of the cloth should line up with the finished edge. Flat braids or ribbons can also run across a square or rectangular cloth, parallel to the sides, set in about 10cm (4in) or so, and crossing at the corners to create a small square at each corner.

Napkins, place mats and flower arrangements are the finer details that can give a meal a real sense of occasion. A classic scheme of delicate white chinaware on a white linen tablecloth has been given a twist with the addition of roughly stitched, bold scarlet napkins tied with raffia coils.

10 Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

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