10 Log Home Christmas Decorating Ideas

Oversewing by hand the raw edge and press. Fold the hem allowance to the wrong side along the hem line. Pin and tack. Finish off by slip stitching the hem into place.

Oversewing is the best way to neaten raw edges by hand to prevent fraying. Take equal-spaced, equal-length diagonal stitches over the raw edge(s), working against the grain of the fabric.

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Mitred corners with those on the fabric. Turn in the hems again to form a neat join, then slip stitch the diagonal join and herringbone stitch the hems in place. For double hems of equal width, simply turn up both hems twice, unfold once, then turn in the triangle and continue as before. Both the diagonal join and the hems can be slip stitched.

When side and bottom hems are of different widths, turn in single hems and press them. Unfold the hems, but mark the limit of the turns with pins on the edge. Fold up a corner through the point where the pressed lines meet and the points marked with pins. Refold the bottom and side hems to form a neat mitre; stitch as before. For double hems of this kind, simply turn in double hems, unfold to single and mark the limit of the double turns.

10 Log Home Christmas Decorating Ideas

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