10 Sexy Victoria Beckham’s Bob Hairstyles


I feel like I have enough to reach the back of her head, and I am just gonna have her hold this for me part off the same section on the other side, and do the same thing  okay once you have got both of your braids finished I am just gonna take that one from her.

And then I will gonna clip her hair just come in, and just kind of smooth that out. I will grab an elastic, and just join them together in the middle of our head you come in, and kind of pull these apart a little bit if you like.

I am at hairstyle number one half up hairstyle with a french twist rope braid  ok the second hairstyle is just going to be a french rope twist down the back of her head like a french braid so just part off a section like you do with a normal french braid split it in half.

And then just like your rope twist braid that I do in a ponytail I am gonna wrap it one way. And then I will twist it to the other direction, and this helps it to stay in a little bit tighter so once you can hold those in both hands, and I am going to pick up hair, and add it to both sides  so once you have added in your hair then I am just going you can twist it if you want. And then wrap it whatever is easiest for you. And then just continue down adding in hair you see I switch hands. So that I can hold up tighten my right hand when I do that once I have got both sections just twist.

1. Angled Bob In Caramel Highlights:

Angled Bob In Caramel Highlights

2. Choppy Bob:

Choppy bob

3. Edgy Bob:

Edgy Bob

4. Sleek Long Bob:

Sleek Long Bob

5. Asymmetrical Bob:

 Asymmetrical Bob

6. Short Bob:

7. Short Blonde Bob:

Short Blonde Bob

8. Polished Bob:

Polished Bob

9. Messy Bob With A Headband:

Messy Bob With A Headband

10. Blonde Layered Bob:

Blonde Layered Bob


10 Sexy Victoria Beckham’s Bob Hairstyles

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