10 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Can I lighten my hair without bleaching it?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Lightening the hair will involve some bleaching to break down the natural color in order to bring it up it to the shade you desire. Bleaching the hair involves removing pigment. This is especially true if you desire to go from a black or dark-brown hue to a blond shade.

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I recently dyed my hair a deep auburn, but I’m already bored with the color and want to try something new.
How long should I wait before I apply a different hair color?
It depends on three things: how long ago you colored it, what type of color (permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent) and what condition your hair is in. We suggest that you consult a colorist to assess the condition of your hair and discuss your options. A professional can look at your hair and determine if there is any damage and how long you should wait before coloring again.
I hear a lot of people say that your hair takes better to color if you apply the dye when your hair is dirty. Is this true?
We suggest that color be applied to the hair when it is clean as opposed to dirty. Too much product, or too many natural oils in the hair and scalp, can actually act as a barrier to the hair color; in turn, the hair won’t absorb the color as well as clean hair would. This could also make the color less intense and not as long-lasting as it would normally be.
Via Naturals Living Colors is a healthy choice of hair color for natural and relaxed tresses. It contains no ammonia, peroxide or alcohol and is formulated with monoi oil and keratin to add extra moisture and strength as it colors. The end result: long-lasting, beautiful, vibrant color with a multidimensional look!
Considering refreshing your style for the season?
Check out these fabulous takes on hair color. Whether you decide to go with a permanent color, a semi-permanent hue or weave it up in color, there is something here to inspire you!

10 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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