10 Small Gravel Garden Design Ideas

Basic flat seam

Place the two pieces of fabric together with raw edges aligned and right sides facing. Pin and tack along the edges. Remove the pins. Stitch 1.5cm (%in) in from the edges, working a few stitches in reverse at both ends to secure the thread. Remove the tacking and then press the seam open.

French seam

A self-neatening seam suitable for joining lightweight fabrics and for joining straight edges, French seams are ideal for items where both sides are to be visible, as no additional line of stitching will be seen. To make a French seam, place the two pieces of fabric with wrong sides together, and machine stitch a single seam 6mm (Kin) from the edge. Trim the seam allowances to 3mm (Kin) and press the seam. Turn the fabric so that the right sides are together and press along the seam line. Next, tack a line of stitching close to the folded edge and sew a second seam 1cm (%in) from the folded edge. When completed, turn the fabric right sides out and finally press the seam allowance flat to one side of the finished seam.

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Flat fell seam

This self-neatening seam is extremely useful where strength is the essential element. With right sides together, sew 1.5cm (%in) from the aligned raw edges. Press the seam open. Trim one seam allowance to 6mm (Kin), fold the wide allowance over the narrow allowance and press. Fold under the edge of the wide allowance to enclose both raw edges, and top stitch close to the fold through all the layers. Press. The additional line of stitching will be visible on both sides of the fabric.

Neatening curves and corners

Clipping straight seam allowances

To ease tight selvedges, cut into the seam allowance at approximately 5cm (2in) intervals, diagonally to the seam line and pointing downwards.

Trimming corners

After stitching the seam, trim any corners on the diagonal, making sure you leave approximately 6mm (Min) of the seam allowance to avoid any subsequent fraying of the fabric.

10 Small Gravel Garden Design Ideas

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