10 Trendy Celebrity Inspired Short Hairstyles

10 Trendy Celebrity Inspired Short Hairstyles


I am gonna pit up this side. So I can work with this side first the first step is, I am just going to gather all my hair into my hand, and pull it up to just about right above my ear right here now that.

I have all my hair in here I am instead of taking my comb, and gently pull some of these shorter pieces from the run then once again just smoothing everything over.

I am gonna take an elastic, and just gently go out into a loose ponytail now that I have my hair in a ponytail I was going to take it, and twist it, and wrap it up around now.

I am just going to take another elastic, and wrap it around to hold it I am going to take some bobby pins, and secure at the front tonight depending on your preference you can either leave them messy like this, I prefer to, or you can use some hairspray to smooth them down now we are going to do the exact same thing on the other side now I am done with my double bun hairstyle.

1. Sleek Pixie:


2. Pompadour:


3. Side-Shaven Mohawk:

Side-Shaven Mohawk

4. Choppy Pixie:

Choppy Pixie

5. Side-Fringe Pixie:

Side-Fringe Pixie

6. Quiff:


7. Curly Bob:

Curly Bob

8. Layered Pixie:

Layered Pixie

9. Short Twisted Ponytail:

Short Twisted Ponytail

10. Side Bob:

Side Bob


10 Trendy Celebrity Inspired Short Hairstyles

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