10 Tropical Home Decorating Ideas

Attaching a flanged fringe to a cushion cover

Stitch the fringe to the right side of the front of the cover along the seam line, with the fringed edge pointing towards the centre of the cover. Make the cover as for a cover with piping, sandwiching the fringe between the two sides of the cover.

Cord and braid

Hand sew cord over the seam line, forming loops at each corner if desired. Secure the ends inside the cover.

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Fringes and tassels

1 As for a piped cover, stitch the fringe to the right side of the front before joining on the back of the cover.

A. The fluffy, colourful fringing perfectly complements the printed Manolo Blahnik shoe drawings cyi the cushions. Fringing such as that shown here has a flange and can be machine sewn between the two sides of fabric when the cushion is being assembled. Fringes can be specially dyed for particular projects.


Both flat borders and ruffles add an extra touch of luxury to what would otherwise be an unexceptional cushion or pillow. They are worth taking extra trouble over, as they help enhance the pillow or cushion fabric.

Flat borders

Flat borders around cushions or pillow cases stand out like a flap. The cushion or pillow is encased within a stitched line and made accessible by a zipped or buttoned opening. A single border can be made either from the same fabric as the rest of the cover or in a contrasting fabric. A double border is essentially two single borders, the under border being slightly larger than the top border.

10 Tropical Home Decorating Ideas

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