Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another short hairstyles post and this one is a little bit more edgy editorial like kind of like runway inspired hairstyles dealing with bobby pins or hair pins to kind of be like the sole feature of the hairstyle. So these hairstyles they are perfect for the airports and any government official buildings with metal detectors obviously I’m joke and I’m just having fun with you guys. But. If you do do it please take a post or snapchat, I would love your forever not be hilarious, I have weird sense of humor the first one is great for bangs or fringes or basically the hair in the front that maybe you want to pull out of your face and it just adds a really fun edgy element to kind of like the regular just double bobby pin I’m going to use a total of 12 bobby pins and I’m going to alternate the direction and color. So they are both the same exact size and there’s a long version of the meta grip you want to grab your initial section and this is the kind of like a small pompadour and we are going to be going straight down. So it is going to be a nice parting line as well, I do not know what that is what’s that on my finger yeah lipstick you guys, I thought maybe, I bruised my finger something and then like two inches down I’m not going to bobby pin from right to the very front when, I do like two inches down I’m going to start first with my blue one make sure you spread it out as much as you can and then very gently nice today to make sure all the hair goes through and you see I’m grabbing a little bit more hair just to make sure that line is nice and visible and I’m just going to grab the other patty pin and I’m going to do it the opposite direction the reason why I’m doing opposite directions is. Because it will hold the hair in place we are going to keep continue doing this making sure add a little bit of hair and each side just get that really nice sharp line and this is what it looks like it is ridiculously cute very edgy and it kind of looks like a really modern like faux crown, I love it, I think it is so cute, I think it is really fun and the best part is it is really nice and tight.


So if you are going to have like a very active day or you are going to play some sports workout this is a really great option for like bangs or fringes and you look cute doing it oh why is he. So hard, I can’t even handle it the second wine it is for those a little bit of romance in their life. Because it is really sexy it is edgy and it kind of like swoops down your face. But this one I’m going to start off with a nice deep part. But nothing too deep where I’m drawing and. If you want just spray a little bit of hairspray on your like teasing comb, and it is going to set all your hair down I’m going to make sure to bring all my hair forward. So it is going to kind of swoop on the face.

So as you can see i’m bobby singing use a really cute pin right above like starting, I like the arch of my eyebrow and just kind of keeping them at a slight distance between each other and, I love this one, I think it is perfect for like date night, I think it is just. So sexy for this i’m going to create a simple little side bun i’m going to take the rest of the hair and just bring it to the side where the deep part is and, I seriously love the way all of this looks together just gives me like that really 60 70s vibe maybe more like a 55, I love it, I just think it is so cute, and it is perfect for like date night or literally any time of the day any time of the week any occasion, I love this one what do you guys think another literally 30 second hairstyle it is so easy number three it is for those that want a little bit of a retro edge of a look to your hairstyle. So you want to do it on like a deeper part you have to do it as deep and just kind of pin it behind your ear and then take whatever bobby pins you have you can do different colors, I think that’s really cool, and it is basically going to be like a burst of an explosion of bobby pins like all going different directions, I think is kind of cool. So for someone Jun’s going to place the frizz I have been right behind the ear I’m making sure all the hair is going to go through I’m going to do like three or four bobby pins go in the same direction makai knows maybe switching making one like a little bit less degrees, I literally think this took me like ten seconds to do alright maybe like 12. But still it is ridiculously easy, I love that it gives like a really edgy retro – like your hairstyle what do you think of this one too much too little too crazy just perfect number four is for those that love buns of any kind and you want to add a little bit of an edge to it and kind of create like a metal artistic bun, I think that’s kind of fun. So just create your regular bun that you like to wear I’m just going to create one towards the back for these I’m actually going to stick with the long gold bobby pins just. Because it is really going to give a punch to your bun, and it is basically going to look like half a Sun on top of your bun – really cute alright.

So take your pins and you are just going to pin them straight down into the bun. But make sure like 1/4 of it is still sticking out you can see the actual bobby pin, I love this one. Because as like a nice spice with metal flair to your bun you know the buns are usually very classy elegant this just gives a nice punch, I love this what do we think and. If you want to get even more edgy err and look like a porcupine on the runway just stick a ton of bobby pins just like regular sized bobby pins straight into your bun like legit straight in yes make sure you do not fall asleep or headbutt anybody this is a dangerous area hi guys this is a joke, I won’t wear this the next one is going to be kind of like a half updo that’s a little bit more elegant with longer bobby pins yes I have noticed that, I like longer bobby before this you are going to take the hair you can do it in the middle you can do it on the side where, I really want your part to be do in the middle grab your first section I’m going to start painting the bobby pins going up make sure all the hairs and then just grab the other side and kind of meet them in the middle and then just add extra bobby pins to give more of an emphasis. If you need to just go back in maybe loosen some hair to give it more of like a romantic feel to make the body pins a little bit more straighter more even like on the sides in the middle whatever and that’s it, I think it is super cute this next one is going to be an exact same thing. But instead of Berta we are gonna do a horizontal the only difference to this one is going to be the bobby pins they are going to go alternate directions. So from the left to the right left right left right just to make sure the hair is going to stay in place nice and tight go back in make them straight nice and equal and you are done in my opinion you can go wrong with either horizontal or vertical version.

Because they are both absolutely stunning number seven is going to be what I’d like to call a gradient top messy bun or a top nut. So basically you are going to pick up your hair into a top nut or a must be bun as high as you want and do not worry about the little hairs that are going to fall back down now to get this like really cool gradient effect in the back for your like little baby hairs we are going up and they are too short you need three sizes to make it really cool and give it that really cool effect. So, I have the mini, I have the average size and then, I have the long one and these are all by the same brand metagraph. So what you are going to do is first you are going to start off with the mini one on the very back bottom of your head and you are going to make sure they kind of go like this. So they kind of do like a V before, I do that I’m going to brush up my hair going towards the top of my teasing comb and hairspray just there’s not that many flyaways next take your average-sized bobby pins then the long ones then back to the average and then to finish it off add the mini ones right on top and they give it like that cool looking diamond gradient effect grab your mirror or your friend and just make the bobby pins and more uniform why do we think of this one, I love it. Because it gives like a really cool rendition on a top notch it is practical it works keeps your baby hairs up or your short heads up Pemex cute this next one is ridiculously cute, and it is like for those that want like a really pretty up – or like a low up – this kind of rolled this one’s perfect for office for work for date night it is it’s a really versatile. So all you want to do is you can put your hair any way you want let me do a little better side and then grab like each section on the side of my head and then just bring it towards the back of my head combine the two sections in the back with a clear elastic very loosely take the rest of the hair in the back along with the ponytail and roll it up through the little ponytail.

But kind of spread it out I’m going to secure it with a bobby pin on each side now to finish this off take the longer bobby pins and place them horizontally alternating the direction of each bobby pin just to make sure the hair is going to be nice and tight and secure and there we have it, I love this one. Because, I think this kind of hairstyle is perfect for like a wedding. If you are in it. If you are a guest and especially. If you are going to wear like a really pretty like off the shoulder dress, I think this just stands out, I love it. So cute. So this next hairstyle you want to part your hair more unlike the deeper part.

Because we are going to do a headband or what, I like to call it some metal headband. So for these ones I’m going to use my average or normal sized bobby pins with the ridges. So I’m going to grab a nice section of hair from the front I’m going to give it like one like two to three twists take your bobby pin put your hair through the bobby pin and then make sure your ridges are going towards your scalp and then just kind of pick it up put it at 90 degrees and then bring it back down towards the front of your face like that. But you want the body pin to be sticking out a little bit. So next you are going to grab another section right in front of it what’s the section that we first did and do the same thing give it like two to three twists Babacan. But this time I’m going to bring it like in front of the first one I’m going to continue doing this by adding like smaller sections with the bobby pins and here is my rock and metal headband super cute it is super fast simple and it makes a nice impact we walk by people to be like blah what it what a song is this something on purpose do not you forget to put them in some purpose this next one is for those that are a little bit more daring I’m going to start on my side part keep it like this. But I’m going to make sure everything is nice and sleek and these baby hairs are kind of controls I’m going to take a little bit more hairspray on my teasing comb and I’m using a big sexy hairspray for this look I will be using my average or just the normal sized bobby pins with the ridges I’m going to start first on the side with less hair and just start pinning upwards you can leave you here nice and sleek towards the bottom.

But I’m going to go back in and just give it a little bit of a tease going towards the top to give it a little more of an office the nest day is going to be edging ashore is kind of minds me of like an editorial runway inspired look, I love it would you dare to wear it and last. But not least we are going to do a really cute one, I think it is really cute how many times to secure this post scripts in here and all you are going to do is just twist down I’m going to start twisting around to create like these little roses you can do as tight or as loose as you want once you have your shape and size you are going to take any cute bobby pin that you have, I like doing this with some kind of texture and design from black and pink and then just literally just take it and secure it to your head I’m going to take a second one right below it and do the exact same thing and then just one more to kind of add a little bit more definition to this. If you want you can leave it like this or I’m going to take this hair right here and bring you to the back. But just to knit underneath with the same bobby pins no, I said I’m going to add two per flower kind of crisscross them just to add more security and, I think it will look better what do, I think of this a little too crazy edgy alright and this concludes my 11 super easy hairstyles with bobby pins for short hair let me know which ones were your favorite and which ones you probably will definitely never wear. Because it is too out there, I hope you guys enjoy this post I will see you guys next time bye.

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