12 Best Affordable Makeup Brushes



And then in this drawer I have a bunch of, 12 best affordable makeup brushes moisturizers Foundation and I can’t emphasis you guys how important this is you may not think it’s important now to wear sunscreen when are this top drawer I have all of my face products that are like blush bronzer like yeah I’m going to get in my closet then here is my shower bags my toothpaste dad’s buy extra stuff man.

You’re not like hardigan’s and stuff, then here’s all, my belts addresses then handle the shoes that I brought so yeah there is my lovely closet then for betting me and my roommate kind of just have the same setting. Then I have my pyjamas on the side and my, 12 best affordable makeup brushes
bags for class and use, my bulletin board or look you can see British is Rachel right over there didn’t exactly want to just put my brushes on the table. So I thought I’d just you know put, a paint on the wall, know where to put my makeup brushes so I thought I just pin those is a wall – I did the same thing for my headbands.


For base products:

revlon brush


And for eyeshadow palettes I didn’t want to, just put them down they, just sort of sit on mousse I kind of just made like a little home right there right when you walk out of my dorm there’s a hallway you turn the other way there’s a large it’s a water fountain that.

This one from Revlon($8.75)

elf brush


The water tastes rose when you walk into the girls, bathroom there’s like, a line of mirrors okay here’s some stalls I’m not really sure why but these windows go much for glove bathroom I know that’s straight up see everything.

Ultimate Blending Brush from ELF ($6)

elf brush

ELF Cosmetics

This concealer brush by ELF ($1)

real techniques brush


Setting brush ($3.14)

Wet n Wild ($2.99)

For blush contour highlight:

elf stipple brush


This ELF Small Stipple Brush ($3)

elf brush


ELF also has a brush specifically for contouring ($6)

colourpop brush

Colourpop Cosmetics

 Small Fluff Brush from Colourpop ($7)

For eye products:


Luxie eye brushes ($10-$36)

wet n wild brushes

Wet n Wild

These Wet n Wild Crease Brushes $2.99

colourpop brushes

Colourpop Cosmetics

The eye brushes from Colourpop ($5-$6) Tapered Blending Brush.

A few extras:

nyx brow brush


This double-ended brow brush from NYX ($9.99)

maybelline lip brush


And lastly, for extra precision, use this Maybelline lip brush ($4.90


12 Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

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