So for this one we are gonna create one a messy river style oh. So this one’s a little bit cool a little bit block last one at least for the bun technique it is going to be upgraded by one of my favorites it is really cute it is actually pretty simple and there’s a lot of different variations for this type of bun like here is mine.

15 BEST HAIRSTYLES OF 2018 Photo Gallery

So this bun is called the samurai bun or the samurai topknot. So I’m going to add a little bit of pace to my hair kind of just smooth everything down and sleek it just a little bit to the next bun technique, I call it the blue tail bun.

But I’m also going to include a fun element to this top Network bun I’m going to quote is great first thing first let’s create three sections on the entire head and the Dutch braid is where you take the outer section instead of taking them over the middle you take them under the middle valentine’s day inspired short hairstyles hopefully they will be nice enough for you say like for sure your Styles dealing with bobby pins or hair pins to kind of be like the sole feature of the hairstyle.

I’m bringing to you a lot more double dutch braided hairstyle you, I guess super curly hair and, I create and give you guys really easy hairstyles for curly hair. So we are going to start from the very back. So I’m just picking up the hair time clamping it down and like French twist.


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