1950s makeup color

NEW YOUI Four readers share their wardrobe woes and we help them get out of their, erm, closets… By Mari Groenewald Photographs by Justin Badenhorst The cropped shorts combo still feels comfy, but it looks like I made an effort. I have never had the courage to wear wedges or heels, but this year I’m going for it. My new rule is that I have to make an effort if I’m going anywhere other than the gym. No Spandex allowed! This outfit works perfectly. Seeing as I’m not one for very formal corporate looks, I could easily wear this to work. To stop hiding in fat-girl clothes and embrace a new, stronger body. After losing 10kg through intense training and major lifestyle adjustments, I’m definitely more comfortable in my skin.

I even wear shorts, which I never did before. However, I’m generally more inclined to be in comfy sport kit than pretty dresses. THE RESOLUTION: Get the basics right, like jeans that show off your toned legs.

Top, R1 500, Banana Republic at Stuttafords; jeans, R809, Topshop; necklace, R369, Accessorize; rings, R189, Topshop; heels, The jumpsuit is a happy medium, because it has the loose fit of a minidress and the comfort of a pair of shorts -1 love this look.” To step out of the training gear and find clothes that are as cool and comfy. I do love to stay clued up on fashion, but it is hard to find things that work for me, especially seeing as I’m in comfy training kit most of the day. THE RESOLUTION: Embrace your feminine side with soft cuts and fabrics. Jumpsuit, R759, Zara; necklace, R129, Topshop; bracelet, R249, Accessorize; heels, R1199, Zara

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1950s makeup color

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