2 DIY Hairstyles with Sarah Angius Weddings Prom Holidays

Hi guys my name is Sarah Andrews and today I’m gonna create to fry dong-hyun stuffs for you using the luxy hair extensions now i were the lucky our extensions on my wedding day because at the time i had shorter hair and i wanted to have a lot of volume length and a lot of body. So i am very excited that today 4 years later i’m collaborating with luxy hair to create some amazing content beautiful hairstyles using their clip in extensions now every bride wants to have beautiful glamorous hair on her wedding day. So that’s why we are going to include the Laxus in today’s tutorial and stay tuned because at the end of this post we are gonna show you a side-by-side comparison of the hairstyles with and without the exceptions first thing first I’m clipping the extensions in and for today’s hairstyles I’m using the entire set to achieve maximum volume I’m starting in the back and working my way to the front I’m starting off by twisting the hair away from my face you can decide how far you want to go just make sure to leave enough hair for the bright lights roam with the rest of the hair I’m making a three strand braid pull the braid apart to make it bigger and looser set it in place like.

2 DIY Hairstyles with Sarah Angius Weddings Prom Holidays Photo Gallery

So using some bobby pins create the same steps on the other side finish off with some hairspray and your favorite hair piece and you are ready to go for this hairstyle I’m using my favorite hair band to make sure it does not slide off I’m securing it in place with two bobby pins the next steps are very easy all you have to do is wrap one hair section at a time around the hair bed until there is no hair left by pulling some hair out I’m creating a lot of volume play around and see what works best for you and voila this is truly one of my favorite hairstyle it is elegant classic and chic sorry hope you guys have enjoyed today’s looks, I hope that, I have inspired you to create something beautiful on your wedding day and remember there’s always a solution or a way to create your dream here it does not matter whether you have short hair fine hair or thin hair you could always add extensions to create the volume you want to create the big bun or the big updo you are always dream up. So keep that in mind and when choosing a hairstyle if accessories aren’t really your thing that’s okay you can always experiment with using your own hair maybe use some products that add the volume or maybe a little bit of teasing there’s always a way to create your dream updo on your wedding day if you decide to create one of today’s hairstyles do not forget to type lucky hair and me would love to see you guys rocking these hairstyles on your wedding day we wish you a beautiful day do not forget to enjoy every second of it and I’m definitely hundred percent sure you guys will look fabulous if you get our interest is to see more hair styles and more updos do not forget to check out my blog link down below in the description box thank you. So much for taking your time to be here with me and, I hope to see you next time bye guys.

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