2-Minute Faux Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Today, before we get to the hairstyles, we are going to be talking about our new family member's name. And we have chosen our top four from the last post on Wednesday, from your comments. And what are they, buddy? Chewy, Thor, Mousse, Braidy. Yeah, so Chewy, as in Chewbacca.

Thor, because, this puppy, he's so tough.

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Mousse, because it is like the hair product that you put in your hair. And Braidy, because it has kind of two separate meanings as in the boy name Brady, and as in braids, Braidy.

So be sure to comment below on your top name from our four that we have chosen from your comments. And the one with the most votes will be his new name. We'll announce it on next Sunday's post.

So let's get on to the hairstyle. The end. The hairstyle I'm going to be teaching you today is called the faux fishtail.

I really like this hairstyle, because it looks like a fishtail, but it is not a fishtail exactly, because fishtails take a long time to do. So this one takes it is like five seconds, compared to the real fishtail. So first, you will want to pull your hair around your head.

I like to do mine on the right side, but you can get on whichever side you want.

And you stick your fingers through, like this. And you will pull and you will do a flip.

And it does not matter if it is loose. It's OK if it is loose, it is supposed to be that way. And you can flip it a second time to make it a little bit tighter.

And then you will just want to try to pull your fingers through towards the middle, but not exactly in the same spot that you just flipped it. And then you will just want to flip it again, and then you will just repeat this. So you will flip, and then pull your fingers through towards the middle.

And pull it through. You can pull on the end tight. It sits pretty well without an elastic, but just to be on the safe side, you can put an elastic in it, at the very end.

I like to use these little ones, because they are pretty nice. You can pull on it again, just to make it nice and fluffy, and then fix anything that does not look quite right. And then, there, you have your faux fishtail braid.

Be sure to vote on our new puppy's name down below, and we will see you.

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