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Check out your medical history

If you are struggling to have a baby, paying attention to your family history is one of the most important things to do, says fertility expert Paul Serhal.

If there is a history of early menopause on the female side of your family, 2017 celebrity hairstyles it should raise alarm bells, says Paul. Early menopause is anything before you turn 40 and it occurs in 1 in 100 women between ages 30 and 39. A family history of early ovarian failure is found in about 4% of women experiencing the condition.

Other genetic medical conditions that could be of concern are thyroid problems, which can affect the regulation of periods and ovulation; endometriosis, where pieces of womblike tissue are found outside the womb; and diabetes, as research has shown that control of blood sugar is related to a successful pregnancy. If you know you have diabetes, contact your doctor before trying for a baby, because if your insulin levels aren’t monitored, you could be at risk of early miscarriage.

In addition to checking your man’s sperm is up to scratch, there are a few other things he can do to give it a boost. Avoid heat on the testicles, advises Paul Serhal. That includes Jacuzzis, saunas, excessive exercise and resting a laptop on your legs. It’s a good idea to wear boxer shorts to stop overheating. Frequent ejaculation is key to healthy sperm, along with basic healthy living (yes, him too), including not smoking or drinking too much. Supplements, such as vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium, will also help keep his swimmers in shape. But do not worry if your man is on the cuddly side – he’s lucky, as being a bit overweight won’t affect his fertility levels.

Many women assume that a regular 28-day cycle is a sign of fertility; but having regular periods does not mean you are ovulating. So having your egg reserve tested is a useful tool, putting you in the know and in control.


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