2017’s Biggest Denim Trends

Denim, my goodness but it’s been in our midst for a very long time. The question is, where’s it heading? We’ve seen denim go from distressed to dressed-up over the years – and now denim on the runway, more specifi cally Resort 2017, has set the bar for how we should be wearing denim today. Don’t get me wrong, those ripped, stone-washed skinny jeans we all have or will still own years down the line aren’t going anywhere. That ‘old-school’ boxy denim jacket? Keep it.

What? You have a pair of unwashed, dark-blue fl ared denims? Great! Now we’re talking. What I’m saying is, all of the above (at the rate of denim today, yesterday and tomorrow) will be totally acceptable moving forward. Although, just like anything in life or in the life of a hashtag, something’s trending. This time, we’re seeing an incredible amount of sophisticated, unwashed, double-duty denim pieces, the ones that can take you from nine to fi ve and beyond during the week. (Those ripped skinny jeans can take a bit of a break and come out to play on the weekend instead.) Designers have recently been going all-out minimalist and somewhat glam. By ‘glam’ I mean fuss free, chic, structured and simple: longer-length belted jackets and pants at Marques’ Almeida for Winter 2014. Belted mid-length dresses (accompanied by knee-high boots) at Gucci Resort 2015. That structured-unstructured jumpsuit at Stella McCartney Spring 2015. Lea Peckre’s Winter 2015 collection of strapless side-slit dresses and boxy top-and-pant suits.

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Ok, moving on. Double denim. Here’s a tip: when wearing denim head to toe, I would suggest steering clear of mixing washed with unwashed or even pairing washed with washed. Distressed pieces almost need that breather, something plain to bring it all together. Unwashed denim, on the other hand, can be doubled up by mixing a light blue with a dark blue, or even better, wearing the same or similar shade of blue from top to toe.

This makes sense, right? It’s like wearing head-to-toe black – same concept. Fancy those chunky block heels or tread loafers to complete your look? No, not keen to give it a go? Listen, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you, but I’m certainly not going to miss out on this one. Just like my leather biker jacket that I was avoiding because it seemed so ‘rock star’, but which has become a go-to piece to pair with my heels or crisp white shirt – it’s how you wear it that counts.

This is exactly where minimalist denim is headed: down the fast lane and most likely into your wardrobe. Like I said, keep those skinny jeans, you’ll defi nitely need them, just like that leather biker jacket, but you must agree that denim also has the right to be sophisticated and lust-worthy. I mean, it’s a veteran in the fashion world and yet is still being (credibly) reinvented. In fact, it’s had a serious upgrade and I’m ready to embrace it. Who’s with me?

2017s Biggest Denim Trends

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