2018 MTV VMAs Red Carpet Recap Who’s Kissing Who

I’ve never worn this type of output before like with like my boobs out, and I’m just like oh my god the tape is showing, it’s kind of bad, and I don’t think I’m ever gonna wear this outfit again. But I tried you guys Casey Madden here at Radio City Music Hall, and we’re celebrating the MTV post Music Awards, it’s been 15 years since Britney Spears, and Madonna’s epic kiss on the VMA stage we are asking all the stars tonight if there is one celebrity you could kiss on the stage who would it be I’m sorry I know, it’s a little awkward. Because you’re married now bad husband, and wife goals, and I’ve ever seen it the only kiss.

I’m looking for girl or guy either or Jennifer Lopez oh my god who would I guess I don’t know Sofia who would you you kiss you like maybe Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber kiss any boys well Ariana Grande, and I’d like to see that Gomez what three-way a three-way kiss nice Wow no I know he’s I know he’s a little sure. But you know I’ve been down all the way down no. I pick him up you make it work he knows what I’m gonna say if I’m gonna say Friday Adam Levine. Yeah he’s super sexy when he doesn’t like do his hair weird. Yeah Ben he’s super sexy just leave a brown thumb up all right. So we love reality TV at my blog.

So we want to know if you could pick any reality TV cast to be in which one would you choose in it miz, and miz’s every my night at 10 o’clock on the USA Network I would love to have like a hills, and Jersey Shore combined that would be really cool that would be it definitely would that’s why I’m saying it cuz, it’s like such a great idea yeah, and I don’t even know if anyone thought about it. So maybe we put it out there we’ll make it happen Jersey Shore. Yeah maybe. I’ll go on Jersey Shore you know cuz you look Holly do you like poly day I definitely could pass for Jersey Shore my accent sticks out way too much is Family Feud or the game show. But, it’s reality the new queer eye I binge read, and obviously I’m not a gay man. But I would love to be on the show to just learn all the tips. Because I’m always like reading like oh what do you do how do you do that like that I want them to come do that to my you guys just give me your best music post stare into the camera before I let you go what’s up we are IRL, and you’re reading my blog is that an epic was that an epic kiss will you be asking people about it in 15 years. Yeah we need more tongue. But we wait Britney Madonna lead you saw their time I saw the tongue right. Yeah I wonder how much they practice that.

2018 MTV VMAs Red Carpet Recap Who’s Kissing Who Photo Gallery

2018 MTV VMAs Red Carpet Recap Whos Kissing Who

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