2019 Hairstyle Trends – The Best Hairstyles for 2019

How does she feel about extensions? I’m not opposed to them. They are good for enhancing what you already have. I prefer clip-ins to sew-ins, personally.

What are her hairstyle faves? I love a good half up/half down, a good bun or ponytail or an all-the-way-down, either curly or straight—and I also love doing two buns at times.

2019 Hairstyle Trends – The Best Hairstyles for 2019 Photo Gallery

Ashley also has some scoop to share about being a naturalista. I’ve always been natural. Any time I’ve straightened my hair, it was pressed or blown out but never chemically straightened.

Her hair color is fabulous, so how does she feel about rocking it?

I love hair color and to see people switch theirs up! I switch up my red from time to time. As long as it’s done in a healthy way, I’m all for it. Bleaching and multiple color changes can be very damaging, but if it’s done right, the results can be beautiful.

What other celebrities’ styles is she a fan of? Beyonce, of course. I also love Janelle Monae and the things she does with her hair. She’s a risk taker, and it always looks great on her.

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