25 Things I Learned at 25

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog, and I turning 26 on November 6th I feel like by the time this post is up it might be uploading on my birthday or this day right after But I wanted to share 25 things I learned at 25. Number one, things will get better I cried a lot in my early 20s, and 25 was finally a year where things Started to brighten up and I smiled and laughed the most I’d say a stable job won’t necessarily make you happy sometimes you have to take a risk save up and invest whether you buy shoes, a camera or an apartment by the way I didn’t buy this apartment, but I did have to save up for this deposit.

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But it will all be worth it be loyal to an airline. Chances are you will get a free upgrade Sheet Mac on the plane who cares what people think your skin will thank you travel when you have time because it gets harder as you grow older and Travel with family because that gets even harder telling your mom you appreciate her the right time is now I missed out on a few weddings a lot of graduations.

Because I was living and working in Korea but this was finally the year that I left and went to these events And it was really worth it because those events won’t come back and you want to be there for The people you care about it is wedding season for me But it is okay to be single you do not need a significant other to fill in the blank seriously Your Meier’s grades can change I went from ENFJ since high school to ESS J for the very first time this year.

And I learned that it is okay to be spontaneous Adult acne is a thing so take care of it while you can and treat yourself to a treatment once in a while I dyed my hair a lot to see her and I learned that taking care of your hair is just as Important as taking care of your skin wake up early you will be surprised by how much you have surround yourself with people that inspire you make you laugh and All the positive vibes because you are who you hang out with live music is the best I got to see a lot of my favorite artists and while I went to these festivals and concerts I Became a fan of some new ones as well I learned how to take photos kind of adults are still learning You can’t please everyone and that’s that and the only person that you should Impress is yourself my five year journal was completed this year.

And I learned that some things Don’t change if you put your heart into it anything is possible Do what you love? I love what you do I know that’s very cliche, but it is definitely something that I learned at 25 25 was definitely one of the most memorable and documented years of my life because I blog every single day and Looking back at it. I’m so glad I documented and It’s been a really good year, so I can’t wait to share more content with you guys at 26 And I will see you guys in my next one.


25 Things I Learned at 25

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