3 DIY Summer Beach Hacks Bea Organized

Hey, guys! It’s Bea! Clearly I’m not in the studio. That’s right. I’m on the beach and I’m here to show you some amazing beach hacks that will really finish off your summer. Let’s get to it. We’re doing three hacks: a beach basket that also doubles as a table, an elegant twist on the tiki torch, and an embroidered sun hat. So for our beach basket, we have our natural wood basket that I got at a craft store.

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I have stain and also some rope. This is going to get messy, so you’ll want to wear gloves. First thing’s first, we’re going to stain the basket. I’m using a painter’s sponge and lightly adding a stain that I chose to all of the sides. If you want a darker stain, do another coat. Wait at least two hours to dry and then it’s time for the rope handles. Make sure you give yourself more than enough length of rope. I’m using craft adhesive that works to secure rope to wood. I’m adding a little bit to the base to get started and then I just start wrapping the rope around the handle. I’m also adding some adhesive to the top edge to secure the rope as I go. Now let it sit to dry. Voilà! You’ve got yourself a basket to pack in and a table to eat on. On to the next. This is a fun take on the tiki torch that requires candlesticks with a wide base, wooden dowels, a drill bit as wide as the wooden dowels, and some string. First you want to take the drill bit and hollow out about an inch deep hole starting at the base of the candle. Then taking the dowel, wrap some string around the top of the dowel and secure it.

I’m leaving these extra tails because I like the way they look. But if you don’t like them, just cut them off. When you insert the dowel inside the candle, the string helps to add some friction to keep the candles secure. What I love about these is they’re an easy way to add ambient light to any outdoor setting. We’ve all seen these before: chic sun hats with cheeky sayings on them. Here’s one way to do it on the cheap First, freehand your saying with a pencil. Then use the yarn and needle to follow your pattern. Start on the underside of the hat brim. Pull more than enough yarn through so you don’t get stuck midway. For each visible stitch, I’m going over the pencil mark, back through the top of the brim, and coming out through a neighboring hole. Because the weaving pattern of this hat is small, I can get the entry and exit holes pretty close together. Now that I’ve reached the end of the pattern, I’m tying off the ends of the yarn underneath the brim. What’s nice about making this hat yourself is that you can change up the saying whenever you feel like it. Last but not least, grab a few friends and go set yourself up on the beach. Thanks so much for reading, guys! As always, click on comment button to comment to my blog. click on comment button to see more posts.

And I will see you on the next one.

3 DIY Summer Beach Hacks Bea Organized

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