3 Fake Freckle Looks That Are All Over The Internet Beauty In A Snap

Hey guys! It’s Sam and this is Beauty In A Snap. So today is my favorite Beauty In A Snap, like ever, because it is my favorite trend going on right now. And that is fake freckles.

3 Fake Freckle Looks That Are All Over The Internet Beauty In A Snap Photo Gallery

We’re going to walk you through three ways to get this done yourself at home. The first one is an eyebrow pen. The second one are temporary tattoos. And the third is an actual temporary freckle makeup because yes, that really exists. So let’s get started. So first I’m going to take my pen and I’m going to dot it along my nose and my cheeks. I go a little heavier on some of them so they look more authentic.

But if I put too much pressure on the pen, I just dab it out with my finger. This is probably the easiest out of all of them because you can just use any eyebrow pencil or pen that you have at home instead of going out and getting a makeup product dedicated to fake freckles. So next up my friend Milana’s here and she’ll be using Lottie London’s freckle tattoos. So what you want to do first is choose the one you want because they have a ton. Cut them out with a pair of scissors. And next remove the plastic backing and place in the desired area. And here’s a pro-tip: The longer strips of fake freckles look really cute on your nose, but the smaller bunches look cute on your cheeks or maybe your collarbone. Now, just dab it down with a wet paper towel for about 30 seconds. You just have to peel it off and voilà! You have fake freckles.

And next up is my friend Emily, who will be using Freck, the fake freckle makeup. So what you want to do first is pull the brush out of the tube and start making your freckle patterns. Try and create your freckles without re-dipping the brush for a more authentic look. If you go a little too heavy, you can just dab it out with your fingertips. Once you have finished, set it with powder and you’ll be good for the rest of the day. And there you have it: three easy ways to create fake freckles at home. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you next time on Beauty In A Snap. Thanks for reading Beauty In A Snap. And let us know in the comments below what you want to see us do next. To comment to my blog, click on comment button. To read more posts, click on comment button. Bye!.

3 Fake Freckle Looks That Are All Over The Internet Beauty In A Snap

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