3 Gear Essentials for Runners

STURDY, COMFY SNEAKERS These are non-negotiable to protect your body from all the pounding. The brand-new Nike LunarTempo kicks ($110; nike.com) combine mesh material thats super lightweight with a plush foam sole to give you the cushion and comfort you need to make it through all 13.1 miles. Plus, the lining is totally seamless, so you will not risk rubbing (no blisters). Insider tip: If youre not sure how much support you need, head to a running store where they offer a run analysis. An expert will analyze your gait, look at your arches, and recommend a pair thats right for you.

A WINNING SPORTS BRA Women tend to clench their shoulders to reduce bounce when their sports bra isnt supportive enough. When your bra fits properly, you can run with relaxed shoulders and an open chest, which helps you breathe easier, says Hadfield. The Asics Fit Sana Seamless bra ($45; asicsamerica.com) is one piece of fabric (no seams to chafe or scratch); a compression-like snug fit keeps the girls locked down even as you sprint to the finish line.

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TECH TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK A GPS watch helps you stay aware of your distance and speed, and also gives you the freedom to hit the road to train without having to determine your course beforehand. Its a great tool to evaluate your run in progress, says Hadfield. But, she cautions, dont obsess over checking your pace too much. That can cause demoralizing stress and tension, physically slowing you down. The Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ watch ($400; timex.com) tracks your distance and speed, and also works off of an AT&T phone plan so you can get messages direct to the devices screen (so friends can send you motivational cheers on race day). Your Bluetooth headphones can sync directly with the watch, so no need for an MP3 player either.

3 Gear Essentials for Runners

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