3 Underrated Things To Do In Chicago Next Stop

Chicago’s got baseball, the hot dogs, and the deep dish, but I’m after something different. Let’s see what we can find.

Inside Chicago’s first public library is a hidden gem. It’s just steps from the Millennium Park, the Tiffany Dome. At 38ft in diameter, the Dome spans from thousands of square feet and is made up of 30,000 glass pieces. And at the top, you can see the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as the Bean, draws thousands of tourists, but this hotel has a better view. The previously members-only Chicago Athletic Association was converted into a super stylish hotel. Cindy’s, the rooftop restaurant, is a great spot to see the Bean and more without the bustle.

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Tracing its roots back to 1890, the Chicago Botanic Garden stretches nearly 400 acres over nine different islands. A highlight of this sprawling green compound is the Bonsai collection, believed to be the best of its kind in the world. Go right above that, we’ll take a little more. This one? Yeah. For the trees that are on exhibit, we do more frequent trimming and we’re trimming to keep the trees in kind of in a general silhouette. It’s like getting a haircut. Correct. It has 200 trees including a handful from Bonsai master, Susumu Nakamura. The refined beauty and deep craftsmanship makes it totally breathtaking.

That was Chicago my way. I hope you liked it.

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